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  • Angela Galiano

Love is in the air

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

It was June 2018 and the sun shone bright in Nerja, a small town in the south of Spain. Two soulmates were about to say the words that would unite them forever: Yes, I do. And I got to be part of it!

Noelia and Angel share that natural bond that not all couples transmit. I believe they are complimentary souls as they complete each other. One could say that Noelia and Angel are like strawberries and cream, like Netflix and popcorn, like a great book and a comfy armchair. In conclusion, they are the optimal combination, a perfect puzzle. Nothing is missing and nothing is left over. It is so easy to observe their complicity, their connection and the love that exists between them.

Not only they are an idyllic couple, but on their own they are beautiful as well. In particular, Noelia is an alloy of serenity, niceness and honesty with a touch of spontaneity. You can count on her as much as to have a transcendental conversation as to hang out and laugh until your stomach hurts. She comprises everything in such a natural way.

Based on these details about her and taking into account the occasion, I thought about designing a pair of earrings that would describe who she is and the feeling I get whenever I am around her. Light colors that reflect her inner peace and serenity along with an easy but original design that goes with her style. Bright flashes coming out from twelve white sapphires that reminds me of her funny and spontaneous laughter –sometimes so high-pitched that it hurts the ear–, her friendliness and her sincere smiles. A clear rock crystal just because she is one of those people that when you look at them, you can see through. And a natural pearl that, in views of the occasion, links together tradition and modernity.

Nowadays, the story continues and a new character was born from this beautiful love story: Helena. Love has multiplied now and, as they promised each other that radiant day in the south of Spain, they are indeed happy ever after.

"[...] and if my love is blind, I don't want to see the light"

Michael Bublé –Close your eyes

Thank you for counting on me on your especial day. Nothing could have made me happier.


Wedding photos: @angelcarlosfotografía

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