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Harmony [English]

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Although this is a whole new collection of Angela Galiano, it is certainly not a new idea. You have probably noticed that natural stones are part of most of the designs and that a tourmaline and a smoky quartz necklace have been offered ever since AG launched –except for the couple of times that they were sold out.

I am fascinated by natural stones. It is hard for me to resist to buy a beautiful stone when I see it and I am pretty sure that it is the one thing I splurge on the most. They keep my attention to the point that I would remember every single ­–beautiful– flaw, rareness and particularity of the stones I admire.

Out of a very long list, my favorite stone is the opal, so it is not a brainer that opals are all over the website in necklaces, bracelets and earrings –more pieces are coming soon by the way!–. I still remember the first time I saw an opal many years ago. I thought it was some sort of fake stone. But then I found out they are just like that, magical and that without knowing it, I was falling in love and jumping into the marvelous world of stones. Later on I would find out that the opal is the stone of October, the month I was born. It is incredible how nature can create something so out-of-this-planet because to me, they look like extraterrestrial pieces with some sort of power within. Those flashes, those colors and that vibration I get when I am holding one is what makes me spend hours looking for all kind of opals when I visit, for example, Australia. Here the opals are so abundant that giant pieces of opal are found in dinosaurs’ fossils. These are usually exposed in museums –no wonder.

*Tip: Be careful if you want to buy opals as many offered in the market are doublets or triplets. They are beautiful, but they are not natural opals per se. Also, careful with "Welo"opals or hydrophanes (not suitable for immersion in water). I will write a new post about fake/treated stones eventually.

Emeralds are my second favorite stone –and after this I will stop writing about my favorite stones, I promise–. The reason might be related to the fact that my favorite color is actually emerald green and yes!, there will be emeralds in the Harmony collection!. If you want to know where to find the best emeralds, the place is Colombia. A Colombian emerald can be quite expensive, but their beauty is beyond comparison.

I will just say that my third favorite stone is the turquoise, but a promise is a promise.

Coming back to Harmony, I wanted to share with you the idea of having this new permanent and ongoing collection. The reason is that, as much as I love wearing different gold charms and chains, I also enjoy mixing them up with stone necklaces. There is always a stone necklace that you can layer up with your chains, charms and chokers to achieve a more relaxed, natural and harmonious look. The stones kind of break the ice off the jewels' composition. They easily balance the look when well combined with metals like gold or silver. On their own, they catch the attention of every eye. With this collection, I am making sure that you can find that stone necklace by offering some ideas on how to combine them with other type of adornments and by offering necklaces of different hues and lengths.

Along with a very well-thought-out design in terms of colors, length and bead combinations, quality is still the top priority in the Harmony collection, as well as it is in the fine jewelry section. Stones are of the finest quality and golden beads are not made of brass or gold plated. They are 18 karat solid gold beads that shine bright and will do forever. You can count on these stone necklaces today, tomorrow, but not when your granddaughter steals them from you.

Not everything is about looking stylish though. Natural stones are endowed with energy that has been accumulated during millions of years. Choosing the right stone for a specific need can be life revealing. For that reason, you will find a description of the properties of the stones in the web page when you click on a particular stone necklace.

The current selection of stone necklaces that is on the website is just the beginning. More necklaces will keep coming and all sort of stones will be provided with stylish designs. It has never been easier to get that that easy-breezy look with your jewels!

I hope you enjoy as much as I do from this double essence of Angela Galiano jewelry.


"If the stones we walk on could talk, they would surely tell our story" Nico J. Genes

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