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A silence break

Hello! –at last. What a long radio silence from Petit Comite. Fortunately, everything has a good explanation.

The hard work along with your trust in Angela Galiano have brought more work and growth, which has left little –if any– time to tell you what is going on in Angela Galiano daily. Many nights going to sleep when many of you are deep in your dreams; many mornings waking up before dawn; many non-exiting lunches so I would not lose the daylight during photo shootings, and many weekends with Monday vibes. This has been the usual for quite a long time now.

At the same time, I can see what is growing out of all this dedication, passion, and consistency. I can see that every time there are more beautiful people who put their trust in Angela Galiano to design and make their dream jewel come true. I can see more and more important magazines featuring Angela Galiano and acknowledging the work and the value of handmade jewelry that, sadly, is disappearing in favor of mass production with mediocre quality which prices may seem competitive in absolute terms, but which are expensive relative to the quality they truly offer. I can’t help getting a bit annoyed and sad when I talk about this. But since my intention today as wishing you all Happy Christmas and say thank you for your trust in this bizarre 2021, I will just leave that topic aside –for now– and keep feeding my Christmas spirit. In fact, I will do it literally by having one –maybe two– Ferrero Rocher chocolates while I keep writing.

There are quite a few projects on Angela Galiano’s table for 2022 that I wish I could talk about today, but all in due time. What I can confirm now is that the stories behind many custom-made designs will keep coming regularly to Petit Comite to inspire you all. This paused period has only been an adjustment in an amazing expansion process. I think we all need more stories like the ones we share in this blog. Stories with a touching background and wonderful intentions. Stories that will persist in time written here, and physically through eternal jewels that will pass from one generation to another telling the story we share here today.

As a preview, I will start 2022 telling the story of a ring that was made during the summer and which has had a wonderful response from the public, press and new requests to specifically make that design. Forbidden Emerald is its name and, along with its story and inspiration behind, I will show you the process from the initial sketches and renderings to images of the artisan production process.

Looking towards to 2022 in a more philosophical way, I hope that in your New Year’s resolution you have also included sharing more. I do not mean sharing more superfluous IG stories and conform to that type of cold social interaction. What I mean is sharing more stories, thoughts and ideas and have no fear to go deep into those topics that make you think and make you get out of your comfort zone. Stories that stimulate new perspectives. Sharing in order to grow. Sharing in different circles than the usual to receive and intellectually benefit from them. Healing one another. In my honest opinion, I can see we are rapidly becoming a superficial king, not only in the outside but also in the inside and that is not the world I want to live in. So, I invite you to think about whether sharing so much of our lives through social media is actually sharing at all. It is hard to see a positive and transcendental impact on our mindset and spirituality, isn't it? What I mean is to stop sharing and share in a different way that heals the ego era we sadly live in and the constant need of everyone’s approval.

I wish a wonderful 2022 for every one of you reading this, but above of all, I wish you the most important kind of health: mental health.

Thank you again,


“A good conscience is a continual Christmas." Benjamin Franklin
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